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Black Jack

2.00 Ct. Lab Grown Diamond Studs Earrings in 14k White Gold EF VS

2.00 Ct. Lab Grown Diamond Studs Earrings in 14k White Gold EF VS

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The highest quality of innovation, that brings you modern, everyday designs. We sell Real Lab Grown Diamond jewelry which is more better than Mined Diamond.

  • BlackJack® Lab Grown Diamond have incredible sparkle and fire, and you'll never get tired of seeing their sparkle from every angle, truly making you stand out! BlackJack® jewelry is all handcrafted and designed in a classic and elegant style for any occasion.
  • The BlackJack® Lab Grown Diamond has a unique ID as laser inscription on the Diamond's girdle. All of the stone main and side are Lab Grown Diamond.
  • Comes in a pretty box. Can be used as a gift for Marriage, Wedding, engagement, promise, Anniversary, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Graduation Celebration. Gorgeous and timeless jewelry is the most thoughtful gift for a loved one!


    •  Lab grown diamonds, or also called lab created diamonds because they are created in a laboratory, unlike mined diamonds that occur naturally and are extracted from the earth. They come in various shapes and sizes and have almost identical chemical structures. There is no visible difference between these two types of diamonds, as lab diamonds look and feel precisely like mined diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are in fact real diamonds and offer the same brilliance, sparkle, and shine of a mined, mined diamond.

      Mined diamonds are formed over millions of years due to intense heat and pressure, while lab-grown diamonds can be produced in just a few weeks. Mined diamonds may contain a little nitrogen, but synthetic diamonds do not. Despite their similarities, there is a significant price difference between the two.

      Lab-grown diamonds are not guaranteed to be perfect, whether a diamond gown in a lab or mined from the earth- is unique. To distinguish between inclusions and blemishes and variations in color, consumers can rely on the certification which evaluates the quality of the diamond based on the 4Cs: carat, color, clarity, and cut. The certification will prominently label lab-grown diamonds. When it comes to choosing between lab-grown and mined diamonds, it ultimately depends on the buyer's priorities. In most cases, they look the same to the naked eye, but some people may perceive a mined diamond as more "real."

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee- From start to finish, your purchase with us will be 100% smooth. Customer service, shipping, merchandise will all be PERFECT.
  • Custom Jewelry Designing - We Can Manufacture Your Jewelry Design. Please Contact US through eBay Messages if you want us to manufacture your own Jewelry Design. We will make the same Design & List it on eBay for you to purchase. Gold Purity, Gold Color, Diamond Color & Clarity Can Be Changed Depending Upon Your Requirement. Price May Vary.
  • Package Includes: Every purchase includes rock-solid packaging bubble-wrapped in a Black Jack Box.
  • Pricing is our X-Factor- We manufacture Jewelry on our OWN, Hold a Diamond polishing facility to offer value for money  -we are the BLACK JACK.
  • ON Demand - Do not hesitate to ask us for on-demand videos and more photos of the purchase. We will offer this to assure customer service.
    • Metal : Solid 14k White    
(Yellow and Rose gold can be purchased separately in a new listing on special request; it would be custom made, so it would have an extended handling time)
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